ProSmart Parent Payback

Win back your team registration fees!

We understand the time and financial commitment it takes to put your kids through organized soccer and, to continue our pursuit of growing the player and growing the game, we are excited to announce our new fall promotion, the ProSmart Parent Payback.

All members that belong to a team on RosterBot defined with the youth age-group and soccer team activity will be eligible to win a refund of their team registration fees for the season (up to a maximum of $3,000 CND)

That's a lot of money that most soccer parents would love to have back in their pockets. 

Three steps to qualify

1) You have an active team on RosterBot with you as your age-group and soccer as your team activity. Ensure you're eligible by selecting the Configure Team option or create a new team below.

Create your Team on RosterBot

2) You have a minimum of 8 players verified within your soccer team.

Invite your Players
3) You have a minimum of 3 events scheduled within your soccer team.
Schedule your Events
4) Rules 1-3 must be completed before the promotion deadline of May 15, 2018 for your team to be eligible for the grand prize draw.

Full contest details
For full contest details, please visit the ProSmart Parent Payback - Terms and Conditions page and direct any inquiries to [email protected].


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