ProSmart Hockey Learning System Tutorials

By Tyler Hinds, DIY enthusiast (@THinds3)

We want to make it easy for you to accomplish any task on our platform, which is why we've made a series of tutorials as an easy solution. These videos will walk you through the step-by-step process on how to do just about everything on the ProSmart Hockey Learning System.

Everyone loves a good DIY!


  1. Preparing for Practice
  2. Printing Practice Plans
  3. Sharing Practice Plans
  4. Marking Practice Plans Complete
  5. Content Library

Team Settings

  1. Inviting Your Team
  2. Join or Create a New Team
  3. Leaving a Team
  4. Team Roles
  5. Changing a Role
  6. Updating Your Team Name 

Events & Messaging

  1. Creating Team Events - Game
  2. Creating Team Events - Practice
  3. Modifying Team Events
  4. Deleting Team Events
  5. Sending Messages
  6. Replying to Messages
  7. Forwarding Messages

Account Settings

  1. Forgot Your Password
  2. Updating Your Time Zone



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