DIY Hockey Wrist Roller

By Tyler Hinds, get those forearms pumping! (@Thinds3)

Very few hockey players are born with the natural quick release ability of the game's top snipers (Ovechkin, Stamkos, Kessel, & Neal). Thankfully, there are plenty of other things we can do to improve the power of our shot, which is largely based on the strength of a player's forearms. Encourage your players to increase their forearm strength by doing the Hockey Wrist Roller exercise at home. Here is what you need...

1. Broken Stick

Most minor hockey families have no shortage of worn out or broken sticks kicking around the house. Make use of one and use it as the backbone of your wrist roller by cutting it down into a 12" shaft and drilling a hole through the middle.

2. Old Skate Lace

Take an old skate lace, thread it through the hole in the middle of the broken twig until there is hardly any slack on one end, then tie multiple knots at the slackless end of the lace to secure it from going through the hole.

3. Weights

At the end of the lace with slack, secure a 2.5 lbs weight orĀ improvise and use something else weighted fromĀ around the house. My dad made me one with a can of maple syrup as a weight, how Canadian!


Stand with your arms fully extended at shoulder height with your freshly made Hockey Wrist Roller held in your pronated hands. Start with the weight on the ground and beginning rolling your wrists so the slack tightens, wraps around the shaft, and lifts the weight up until it meets the stick. At this point maintain your position and begin slowly rolling your wrists in the opposite direction lowering the weight back down to the floor.

Make sure you keep your core engaged, arms at shoulder height and fully extended. You will feel a deep burn in your forearms, shoulders, and abs. Repeat this 2-3 times in sets of 3-4, #ThanksCoach.


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