Become an Offensive Threat

Part 1 - The Relentless Forecheck

By Trevor Erhardt, ProSmart Hockey Head Coach

One of the most rewarding feelings in hockey is entering the zone on a hard forecheck, creating a turnover, and gaining a scoring opportunity purely based on hard work. Yes, forechecking is exhausting, but it is an absolute necessity if you wish to continue advancing in hockey. Trust me, the other team’s defenseman fear the relentless players that make retrieving a dump living hell.

The purpose of forechecking is to gain possession of the puck. To do this successfully there are a few skills required.


Use your speed to get to the puck carrier quickly, this will take away they're time and space forcing a rushed decision.


Understand the concept of angling, be able to turn sharply and force the puck carrier to the wall, like a cheetah hunting his prey. Kids like this analogy, ask them what animal they would like to be when you practice.

Create Puck Separation

Lead with your stick towards the puck and try and separate the puck from the man, get your stick on the puck. If you are allowed body checking you can get your stick on the puck and “finish your check”.


Stop and start when the opponent fakes, no big circles. Change direction immediately, keep pursuing the puck carrier when they try to deke or fake. Keep your stick on the ice and in passing lanes.

Win the Battles

After chasing down your opponent with a good forecheck, win the loose puck battles and get your team on offence right away.


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