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Looking for a way to help your child improve their hockey skills while still enjoying the game? Ask your kid’s coach to try our interactive hockey coaching system and team communication tools!

At ProSmart Sports, we believe that sports are for everyone. That’s why we have designed our hockey coaching system to provide young athletes with the training they need to succeed and have fun - for FREE.

We provide hockey coaches with progressive practice plans, interactive drills and skill set videos to help them teach the skills your kids need. We want to see your kid become the best player she or he can be and we are here to help. 

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Testimonials from new ProSmart users.

"Exactly what I have been looking for after so many years of coaching to have plans that are easy to follow and progress weekly to challenge players and myself."

"Love the practice plans. Keeps practice fresh and fun for the kids. The animations make the plans that much easier to teach!!"

"I love this system you have developed. As a person who has never played hockey, I have found it very useful. I only wish I knew about it sooner!"

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