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What is ProSmart Hockey?

The ProSmart Hockey Learning System connects all volunteer coaches, parents and players to ONE online resource. Working closely alongside the NHL Alumni Association, ProSmart has developed a platform full of personalized Instructional videos, interactive coaching tools and so much more!

Who is ProSmart Hockey?

ProSmart Hockey has been developed by current and former Hockey professionals, working alongside technology experts. Our team includes Hayley Wickenheiser, Wendel Clark, and Scott Hartnell, just to name a few.

Why would my association use ProSmart?

ProSmart intimately understands the year after year challenges associations face in finding and encouraging, let alone training, volunteer coaches. Our standardized resource means:

  • Every coach in every division is on the same page, at the same time supported by professional coaching instruction.

  • Every player is being introduced to the core fundamentals in the same way at the same time, regardless of the individual team they are on. Associations therefore, have confidence each player is progressing through their hockey education in the same manner and pace.

  • Every parent has transparency and confidence, regardless of the volunteer coach they have that season, that their child will receive the same instruction and value as every other player.

  • No longer are coach coordinators mired in the redundant process of building and deploying practice plans and following up on their use. ProSmart has already created every single practice plan for all divisions. Their valuable time is spent mentoring and supporting real time coaching challenges.

  • Associations provide a massive "value add" to the member families they serve through the coaching support as well as the family focused content.
How much does it cost?

Our goal is to give every hockey family access to this world-class learning system for FREE! ProSmart has been working very hard with some amazing national and regional partners who are covering the cost. Their generosity ensures minor hockey associations and minor hockey families receive access at no charge.

Our national founding sponsors include Scotiabank and the NHL Alumni Association.

Where does the curriculum come from?

The ProSmart curriculum follows Canada's Hockey Development Program. In addition, we have taken some inspiration from current and past NHL professionals on what works best for them. Our content is fully endorsed by the NHL Alumni Association.

Is ProSmart safe?

Online safety, especially for kids, is paramount to us. ProSmart is dedicated to making sure that our platform complies with the strongest online safety regulations available. We do not collect or distribute anyone's private information.

How do I sign up as a parent?

Simply click “Sign Up Now” on the ProSmart Homepage and you’re on your way. There is no credit card required and it only takes about 30 seconds. You can personalize your username, password and even select your division. Also, please remember to activate your account through your email once you’ve finished signing up.

How do I signup as a coach?

Click here to search for and join your association. Then add your team. You'll have instant access to the week-by-week practice plans, skill videos and animated drills.

How do I register my association?

It’s very easy and will take less than 60 seconds! Simply contact us with the name of your association, your contact information and how many players are in your association. Our team will then contact you with special log in access and simple instructions on how to upload your network of coaches. It’s important to note that we do not have access, nor do we want access, to your Hockey Canada Registry account. This information stays 100% private to your association.

How do I see practice plans from other divisions?

There are two ways to access division specific content:

1.  By using the Search button - simply click the magnifying glass at the top of the window and type in "[division] practice plans" (ie. PeeWee Practice Plans) and all the related practice plans will be displayed; or

2.  Join/Create a second team under the division you train. Here are the steps:

  • Click your name and select Profile & Settings
  • Click team settings (located in black banner at top of screen)
  • Scroll to bottom and click join or create another team and follow the prompts

Once you have created the second team, you are able to easily toggle between the two teams content by clicking your name and selecting the team content you are interested in.

How do I become a content provider/partner?

Our mandate is to connect the best educators in hockey to the grass roots communities that need it the most. Simply contact us with your name and what you have to offer. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

As an association, how do I invite my coaches?
Rosters have finally been formed and the official season is set to kickoff! Before you send the coach invites, it is recommended that you introduce ProSmart to your community - click here to access a communication template.  
To send out the coach account invites click here or sign into www.prosmartsports.com, click Admin > Coach Invites > +Add Coaches. By simply copying and pasting your emails manually, or uploading a .xls or .csv (file containing only the coach emails), our system will issue an account invite to ProSmart - similar to the one you received when you activated your admin account. Don't to forget to click Send Invites.
When your coaches accept their invite, they will select the team and division they will be coaching. You can track their usage on your dashboard.
I just don't have time, how do I invite another admin?

We know... being an association executive is quite the workload so you might need some help managing your admin account. To grant admin account access to another executive (ie. registrar), simply email hello@prosmartsports.com with the name and email of the colleague that you wish to appoint. Admin accounts can only be generated through us because we want to help you control and protect the privacy of your members.

Our association used ProSmart Hockey last year, how do I ensure new and returning coaches receive a new account invite this season?
The best way to bring awareness to your coaching community about this free resource is by introducing us to your community through your own Association's communication channels.  Click here for draft message.
Once you have sent the initial communication, feel free to copy and paste your entire coach registry back into +Coaches and resend. The only individuals that will receive an new invite are those that are either new or do not have an activated account.
A few new coaches have been identified since I last sent out account invites. How do I send additional coach invites?
If you know the additional emails, navigate to +Add Coaches and copy, paste and send invites.  Our system is smart enough to know who has been invited, who hasn't and even who has accepted. Feel free to upload your entire coaching email database again. The system will only send an invite to an email that has yet to receive one.
A coach did not receive their invite, how do I resend it?
With the daily volume of emails and restrictive junk filters, invites will get lost. To resend an invite, search for the coach's email by clicking the Admin button at the top of the page, then click Coach Invites. Find the user by browsing and searching.
From there, you'll be able to see the status of the invitation. If you'd like to re-send them an invite, simply select their email using the check box on the far left of the page.  You can then click the Resend Invite button. We encourage you to let the coach know directly when it has been sent so they know when to expect it.  
If it isn't appearing in their inbox, have them filter through their junk mail. 
As an association, we have members that coach multiple hockey divisions. How do they gain access to multiple division content?
Once a coach accepts his/her initial invite and selects the first team/division they coach, they are able to join additional teams/divisions through Profile & Settings > Team Settings > +Join or Create Another Team. The coach is then able to toggle between the multiple hockey team/divisions by clicking their name in the top right corner. This functionality goes live on September 25th, 2015!
As an association, how do I know that my coaches are using the right material?

Part of the welcome experience for your invited coaches will prompt them to create their team and select the division to which they belong. Our system recognizes the age of the athletes and will therefore deliver age-appropriate practice plans, animated drills, & core skill videos based on the long-term athlete development model. You can rest assured that the coaches in each division will have a unique experience that is carefully designed to help develop kids and keep them in the game longer.

How do I know if a Coach has accepted his/her invite?
You are able to see who has and hasn't accepted their account invite through your Admin panel. A list of account invites will now be displayed.
The coaches that accepted their invite have their first name, last name and Date Added filled in. Those that have not accepted their invite have an Unopened status and their name is not displayed. You will also notice a checkbox available.  
To resend the invites to all those that didn't accept their invite, simply click the header checkbox (which will select all checkboxes) and click resend invite.
Still need help?

Contact us anytime - we are here to help!  

Toll Free Phone Number: 1.844.927.6278

Email: hello@prosmartsports.com

My players are __ years old, in what division do they belong?
Ages 5 & 6
Canada: Initiation
US: Mini Mite
International: U7 (ages 6 and under)
Ages 7 & 8
Canada: Novice
US: Mite
International: U9 (ages 8 and under)
Ages 9 & 10
Canada: Atom
US: Squirt
International: U11 (ages 10 and under)
Ages 11 & 12
Canada: Peewee
US: Peewee
International: U13 (ages 12 and under)
Ages 13 & 14
Canada: Bantam
US: Bantam
International: U15 (ages 14 and under)
Ages 15, 16, & 17
Canada: Midget
US: Midget
International: U18 (ages 18 and under)